Telford’s connectivity offers unrivalled access to the West Midlands economy and the wider UK, making our town an ideal for businesses relying on physical distribution and supply chain to gain the competitive edge.

That’s why JLR supplier, Magna International, has invested in an industry-leading 250,000 square ft plant and logistics centre in the heart of Telford’s business district.

The town’s purpose-built infrastructure includes serviced business parks designed to sustain growth and our strategic approach to transport connectivity has secured over £40m of Government funding to maintain, improve and create the infrastructure needed. Our new £12 million footbridge means that commuters have immediate access to the town centre from the nearby train station.

Other key connection investments include the Telford international Rail Freight Terminal that accommodates a wide variety of intermodal freight logistics with direct links to the national rail network, major sea ports and key locations across Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

Digital connectivity is also essential for business here in Telford, and through our Superfast Telford programme, 98 per cent of our borough currently enjoys superfast broadband coverage, with 100 per cent coverage by 2020. We know that effective use of digital technology is critical in driving efficiencies, as a tool for service-based business models and to facilitate collaboration across the supply chain.