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Telford continues to adapt and change to the needs of an ever-changing business environment, enabling us to maintain our success in attracting investment. Described as the beating heart of Foreign Direct Investment right now, our fast, responsive and bespoke solutions are transforming the investment landscape of Telford.

Over the last decade alone, Telford has attracted over £1billion of physical investment millions of which has been invested in the infrastructure to support these exciting developments.

The scale and quality of this transformation to our business landscape has been of international significance, most notably in 2016 when the Magna Cosma investment onto our flagship T54 site heralded the news that Telford had attracted the largest UK inward investment in 10 years.

There are no plans to stop however. Exciting opportunities have been identified to sustain the momentum with another 200 acres of ready to go land identified.


Through our unique growth deal with the Homes & Communities Agency we have control of over 200 acres of employment land and residential sites for close to 3000 new homes. Along with the commitment from Government to invest over £44m into site preparation and essential infrastructure to deliver this land to the market - giving Telford all the ingredients essential for growth.

Companies such as Magna Cosma, Polytec and Filtermist have benefited from our successful role as agent, acting for the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) and enabling a smooth and timely land purchasing process.

Working with biT an integrated design and project management consultancy that specialises in full project delivery we can offer businesses looking to expand and build a full development solution.


We have access to available industrial and office properties across the borough. Our close working relationships with all the local property agents means that we often know about properties that are not yet in the public domain, so instead of doing a web search yourself, why not contact us with your enquiry using the form below and we will endeavour to match your needs to a suitable property.

If you would like to consider designing and building your own property we can help with this too.

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